Thursday, March 4, 2010

#3: Bringing Up The Voyage Of The Mimi in Conversation

The Voyage Of The Mimi was a multi-part semi-educational PBS miniseries that was the most important cultural touchstone in the life of anyone who went to middle school in the mid-nineties. Once these people got to high school and college, they would begin referencing the series in conversations with their peers to hilarious effect.

"Dude, remember Voyage Of The Mimi?!?!?"
"Yes. Yes I do."
"Remember Sally Ruth?"
"Yes. I do remember Sally Ruth."
"Remember the part where the two dudes got into the sleeping bag naked together?"
"Yes. I also remember the part where the two dudes got into the sleeping bag naked together."
"Oh man, remember how Ben Affleck was in it?"
"Yes. I remember that as well. You have now sufficiently impressed me with your knowledge of Voyage Of The Mimi. Let us laugh uproariously together, not because you have said something funny, but because you are referencing something that we both remember from our childhood and that is what passes for humor in a post-Family Guy world. You have convinced me that you are a lighthearted, clever person. Perhaps we can be friends. Now, as I said before, let us commence with the laughter in order to consummate this important bonding experience we just had."
(laughter ensues)

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  1. Voyage of the freaking mimi...haven't heard of that in a LONG time!!! And yeah, I had no clue that was Ben Affleck! Thanks for the blast from the past.