Friday, April 23, 2010

#18: Using A Picture Of Yourself Surrounded By A Few Bitches As Your Facebook Profile Picture

In the aughts, there was no better way to spruce up your Facebook Profile than including a picture of yourself accompanied by some fine-ass bitches. It didn't matter if you knew the choice pieces of ass in question or if the sum total of your interactions with these broads was limited to the aforementioned picture itself, communicating to everyone the fact that you hang out with straight dime-pieces on the reg was what mattered, bro.

"Did you see Brad's new profile pic?"
"Yeah, who are those girls he's with?"
"I don't know, probably just a couple of sluts he met downtown."
"Yeah, they did look like total sluts."
" . . . . . . . "
" . . . . . . . "
"Do you think that someday maybe we'll be in some asshole's profile picture?"
"Yeah! Of course! Don't worry, it'll happen for us sooner or later!"
"I sure hope so."
"Yeah. Yeah, me too."
" . . . . . . . "
" . . . . . . . "
"So, you wanna go see New Moon again?"
"Heck yes I do!"
(high fives)


  1. hahahaha... You have girl / girl convo's on straight speed dial. Love it.

  2. Nice to see that C's could make an appearance in the blog. It aughta be..

  3. Suddenly feel proud and iconoclastic.

    I'm still ON Facebook, mind you, so only semi-iconoclastic.