Thursday, October 14, 2010

#29: Hating The Font Comic Sans

Above and to the left is the Wall Street Journal's artistic rendering of Vincent Connare, creator of Comic Sans, the most hated typeface on Earth.

Like DaVinci, the artist who drew Connare must be trying to communicate the deep well of esoteric secrets hiding behind the impenetrable smirk of he who sired the demon font. Consider that "Vincent Connare" is an anagram for "Can Reinvent Con." Also, legend has it that Jesus' birth certificate was written in Comic Sans. Coincidence?

"Hey Dave, as a hip, technologically savvy twenty-something with deliberately/hilariously overwrought opinions on such pop-cultural trivialities as typefaces, how do you intend to approach Comic Sans in the coming decade?"
"Well Holly, my initial thought was to occasionally use it ironically with a knowing wink and nod to its many detractors, but lately I've been considering post-ironically embracing it. How about you?"
"Yeah, I was planning on utilizing the latter approach. I may even write a contrarian blog post about how underrated it is and perhaps inflect that blog post with a twinge of 90's nostalgia to really set it off. I might also include a top-ten list of the best times to use Comic Sans set in a slide show to increase my page views!"
"Nice! I was thinking about writing my new blog entirely in Comic Sans without even commenting on the fact that I'm using it. Sort of a post-post-ironic take, you know?"
"That would be truly advanced."


  1. Iconic Atlanta TV reporter Bill Liss uses the Comic Sans regularly at his desk. Bill also wears nice shirts, making him truly advanced.

  2. Bill Liss has always been a step or two ahead of the pack.